Mendeley: how to organise your library

In Mendeley, you can organise your references in Collections with several sublevels. You can also create Groups, which are collections of references you intend to share with other researchers.


To create Collections:

  • Open Mendeley Desktop.
  • Click on 'New Collection' in the lefthand column under 'COLLECTIONS'.
  • Name the Collection.
  • Manually drag selected references into the Collection.


To make a subcollection:

  • Open Mendeley Desktop.
  • Hover over the top Collection.
  • Click the three dots, then click 'New Collection'.
  • Name the new subcollection.


  • Open Mendeley Desktop.
  • Drag an existing Collection into another Collection.


To make and share a Group:

  • Click 'New Group' in the lefthand column under 'GROUPS'.
  • Name the Group.
  • Hover over the name and click the three dots.
  • Select 'Manage Group'.
  • A tab will open where you can add members with their email address: click 'Invite members', enter their email address(es) and click 'Send invites'.

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