HeinOnline is a legal database with a large collection of American and international legal journals, case law (primarily US and Canada) and other specific legal content such as Criminal Justice & Criminology, World Constitutions, etc. The Law Journal Library, for example, contains over 3100 fully searchable American and international journals. On the homepage, you can see the content that is provided through Ghent University.

The video below gives a short introduction ot research using HeinOnline. On the Youtube channel, you can find videos on specific databases, recordings of webinars, training sessions, etc.

The Knowledge Base and Libguides also contain a lot of information on how to use HeinOnline.


In the Law Journal Library on HeinOnline, you can use PathFinder, a multi-level taxonomy of research subjects. Based on machine learning and human curation, it gives an overview of specific subjects for each piece of individual content in the database. This allows you to search for content in a targeted way and find related content that is relevant to your search query.


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