Legal Intelligence

Legal Intelligence is an integrated database for Dutch legal sources. It contains the journals and other publications of Dutch publishers (e.g. Boom juridisch, Wolters Kluwer, etc.) that you can access through Ghent University. It also contains freely available legislation and case law.


When entering a keyword, the search bar will make a number of suggestions (e.g. of other keywords, source titles, laws and law articles, authorities) to facilitate your search. Using the filters next to the results list, you can further refine your search.

The 'Toon snippets' button allows you to see the piece of text in the source where your keyword appears. 

You can save a document to your profile using the 'Opslaan in' button below each result.


  • In Legal Intelligence, you are personally logged in through your Ghent University account. This means you can make personal searches and save sources.
  • You can use the 'Uitgebreid' button at the top to do advanced searches.
  • Have you finished viewing a book? Then click 'Vrijgeven' at the top right so someone else can open it.

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