Qualtrics: how do I use this survey tool?

Qualtrics is an online tool that allows students and researchers to easily create surveys, distribute them, collect data and analyse responses. Qualtrics features different question types, survey flows and the ability to export results to statistical software.

UGent has a campus licence for the online survey tool Qualtrics. Other survey tools are no longer supported by DICT.

How to log in

UGent students and staff can easily create an account themselves by logging in once at ugent.qualtrics.com via SSO. An account will then be created automatically after you've accepted the terms and conditions.

Use of Qualtrics

Qualtrics may be used for surveys by UGent staff and students in the context of research, service provision and other core tasks of UGent. It's not permitted to link data collected via Qualtrics or results of these surveys (manually or automatically) for research purposes with data from UGent administrative databases.  

When sending surveys and questionnaires, please also take into account the guidelines for using mailing lists.

Privacy and security (GDPR)

When surveying respondents via (online) surveys, you'll often collect personal data. In this case, you must take the GDPR legislation into account.

Between UGent and Qualtrics, the necessary aspects regarding privacy and security were laid down in a processing agreement. The data collected through Qualtrics is stored in Europe, and Qualtrics complies with a number of important international standards for continuity and privacy. For more information, see: qualtrics.com/gdpr.

'GDPR-compliant' use also requires correct use of the tool. After all, you can use a tool that's GDPR-compliant (like Qualtrics in this case) incorrectly, which means you yourself are violating the basic principles of the GDPR. Check out the following research tip if you want to know more about collecting and processing personal data when using survey tools: What do I need to think about when using (online) survey tools?

On the Qualtrics website, you'll find a lot of information on how to adhere to the GDPR principles, data security and privacy.

Don't forget to register any processing of personal data in Ghent University's GDPR register.

Informed consent

Surveying respondents with an online survey tool requires their voluntary and informed (ethical) consent prior to their participation in the study. In the light of privacy legislation (AVG/GDPR), collecting and processing personal data during the study requires a legal basis, which may include consent to the processing of this data.

How to proceed?

  • Familiarise yourself with the principles of informed consent in the context of research and download the templates for information and consent forms.
  • Personalise the information and consent form for your research and tailor it to your respondents.
  • Create an initial text question in Qualtrics. Include a short description of your survey and a link to the pdf of your information and consent form so that respondents can read and save it.
  • Create subsequent compulsory multiple-choice questions with the questions included in the consent form.
  • If respondents answer 'no' to any of the mandatory multiple-choice questions, you can redirect them to the end of the questionnaire.

Getting started with Qualtrics

When logging in, choose 'Sign in with SSO'; when asked 'Enter your company's Organisation ID'. enter 'ugent'.

Do you need support?

  • Consult the online documentation at qualtrics.com/support.
  • If you have any questions about Qualtrics, or errors you encounter, please contact the Qualtrics helpdesk. You can contact them 24/7 by email, chat and phone. Go to qualtrics.com/support-center, choose 'Sign in with SSO'; when asked 'Enter your company's Organisation ID', enter 'ugent'.
  • If you don't find an answer to your question using the online documentation or the Qualtrics helpdesk, you can contact the Qualtrics helpdesk at UGent via helpdesk.qualtrics@ugent.be.
  • For questions about data management, the information or consent form, or the collection and processing of personal data, contact UGent's data stewards via rdm.support@ugent.be

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