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Clinical trial: how do I evaluate the quality?

There are various free, internationally accredited and used tools (i.e. scales and checklists) for evaluating the quality of clinical studies. More information is available on the webpages of the Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent (Question: How do I evaluate the quality of a clinical study?). 

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Evidence-based guideline: how can I evaluate the quality?

The Appraisal of Guidelines for Research & Evaluation Instrument (AGREE II) is a general tool for authors and users of guidelines to evaluate the methodological quality of clinical guidelines. The AGREE II tool is available in different languages, including Dutch and English.

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Searching scientific literature: an example from psychology by prof. dr. Brosschot

Almost every scientific study starts with an extensive literature search. You look for the articles written on your subject of interest and you'll gradually discover unanswered questions or new lines of thoughts worth exploring.

When you start writing your own article, you'll usually include a literature review summarising the …

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Sources: primary, secundary and tertiary sources

What are primary sources?

Primary sources are sources written (or made) by an original author. In exact sciences, these are lab logs, articles in which you present your research, the data you gathered during your research, etc. In social sciences these could be novels, paintings, archaeological objects, and so on. …

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Systematic review: tips, tricks and tools

How do I formulate my research question and selection criteria?

Formulate a research question in which, if possible, all aspects of your topic are named. The PICO model is a tool for setting up a clinical research question, clearly describing the patient category (Population/Patient), …

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Write: do you know what you're writing?

Before you start writing, having a good sense of what you'll be writing is an important first step. Some examples of text types that require different kinds of writing are:

  • a paper: you look for the answer to an objective research question through field research or a literature study. …
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