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Authorship: authorship roles (contribution disclosure – author(ship) contribution statements)


Recognition for a person's effective contribution to a scholarly publication is done primarily through the inclusion, or not, of the names of (individual) contributors on a (more or less) limited list of names associated with that publication.

The place on this list determines in most cases the "importance" of …

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Authorship: conditions to be included as an author

The conditions 

Researchers who contribute significantly to the creation of the publication are added to the authors list.

This involves 4 (cumulative!) conditions:  

  • a significant contribution to the design of the research, relevant data collection, its analysis, and/ or interpretation;
  • drafting and/or critical reviewing the publication;
  • approval of the final …
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Authorship: what is the Ghent University policy?


Authorship is related to the actual contribution someone makes to a scientific publication.

Various stakeholders in science (research institutions, faculties, funders, publishers, journals, etc.) have developed standards to regulate this aspect of scholarly publishing.


Authorship is an important (co-)factor for the academic impact and reputation of individual researchers …

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