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Authorship: authorship roles (contribution disclosure – author(ship) contribution statements)


Recognition for a person's effective contribution to a scholarly publication is done primarily through the inclusion, or not, of the names of (individual) contributors on a (more or less) limited list of names associated with that publication.

The place on this list determines in most cases the "importance" of …

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Authorship: conditions to be included as an author

The conditions 

Researchers who contribute significantly to the creation of the publication are added to the authors list.

This involves 4 (cumulative!) conditions:  

  • a significant contribution to the design of the research, relevant data collection, its analysis, and/ or interpretation;
  • drafting and/or critical reviewing the publication;
  • approval of the final …
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Authorship: what is the Ghent University policy?


Authorship is related to the actual contribution someone makes to a scientific publication.

Various stakeholders in science (research institutions, faculties, funders, publishers, journals, etc.) have developed standards to regulate this aspect of scholarly publishing.


Authorship is an important (co-)factor for the academic impact and reputation of individual researchers …

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Critical reading: how to read a scientific article

A scientific article might be short, but it is usually dense in information, which can make it harder to read. Below, you can find some tips.


General guidelines
  • Take notes while you read to make sure you understand what you're reading.
  • Don't know a word? Look it up and …
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Open Access colours: green, gold, diamond, hybrid and more

Open Access comes in different colours. While we especially use the term green OA, gold OA and hybrid OA, other terms refine those broader terms.

This tip addresses some of the Open Access flavours.

Diamond Open Access refers to a scholarly publication model in which journals and platforms do not …

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Research visibility: approach to increase your visibility

Having good visibility of scientific output, ensures greater reach and may lead to greater impact of your scientific work, on a scientific, social and economic level.

The roadmap below can be used as a guide to promote the visibility of your scientific research.

  • Register an ORCID iD Visit the Create …
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